Medi-Log II Digital Data Logger

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The Medi-Log II is specifically designed to monitor and display fridge storage temperatures for vaccine, medical and laboratory fridges. It will display the temperature inside the fridge, the minimum and maximum temperatures and the alarm status on the main screen. An audible beeper will sound should the alarm points be exceeded. The unit comes already set up with vaccine storage high and low alarm set points as well as the Department of Health recording interval requirements. Easy to use free software allows the history to be seen as well as graphing functions. 


Temperature Range of -40 to 85 Degree Celsius

Probe Thermocouple on 2.5 metre cable

Accuracy between -20~+40 Degree Celsius +/- 0.5

Alarms Audible and on screen

Data logging 16,000 point capacity

Alarm set points are automatically set by default to 2-8 Degree Celsius when the unit is first powered, but can be adjusted if required

Main screen shows minimum and maximum temperatures plus the current ambient temperature

All alarms are shown on the main screen

Start delay is set at a default of 30 minutes, but can be adjusted if required from anywhere from 0-6 hours

One button to control all screens and functions


Download Product Specifications Here