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Refrigerated Incubators

Med Lab Refrigeration Systems offers a wide range of refrigerated incubator solutions built specifically for storing laboratory products or samples which require being kept at a controlled temperature. Our refrigeration units enable the incubator to operate below ambient temperature whilst the heater allows the cabinet to run above the ambient temperature. Accurate and controlled heating is guaranteed with our range, as is peace of mind with all of our incubators which come equipped with alarms for notification of any deviation from instructions or is exposed to any temperatures outside of the range(s) of prescribed temperatures. 


Refrigerated incubators are often times used in pharmaceutical laboratories for safely storing pharmaceuticals, and are also suitable for a variety of applications including microbiological sample testing and bacteria research, curing, hermatological testing, dry and staining procedures, enzyme digestion studies, shelf-life testing, and enzyme digestion studies. 


Available capacity for our refrigerated incubators range from 135 litres all the way up to 1,000 litres. All of our refrigerated incubators can be factory customised to meet the specific needs or your laboratory or practice.