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Fridge and Freezer Combo

Ideal for laboratories, pharmacies and hospitals, our range of Spark Proof refrigerator and freezer combo units are completely spark proof on the inside (all internal electrical components have been removed) and have been specifically designed to allow for the safe storage of volatile samples. Volatile samples are considered unsafe for storage in standard refrigerator and freezers as any spark formed by components within the freezer can ignite fumes or the sample itself. 


For zone 2 classification it is suggested that a refrigerator or freezer be located 300mm above floor level. Med Lab Refrigeration Systems range of Spark Proof refrigerator and freezers are specially constructed with all vital parts of the unit (compressor, controller, etc.) housed on the top of the unit keeping these components well above floor level. 


Contact one of our Med Lab Refrigeration Systems team members today to learn more about our range of Spark Proof fridge and freezer combo units.