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Hospital fridges & freezers, blanket and fluid warmers

There are some big differences between private and public hospitals in Australia, but there is one thing that remains consistent throughout - medical grade fridges and freezers. Both types of hospital environments require equipment that is accurate in temperature-control and built to the highest standards to ensure they are reliable and up to industry standards. Med Lab Refrigeration Systems range is specifically designed to address the requirements of hospitals and their staff on a day-to-day basis, ensuring that important drugs, samples and other products are kept safe and secure, without the risk of being compromised by temperature variations.


Due to the nature of the working environment in hospitals and the amount of storage space required, our larger model fridges we supply are our most popular. We also offer a wide range of different models and sizes to ensure we have the unit to suit your next purchase. All of our hospital refrigerators and freezers come with either glass or solid doors, are  lockable, come with 2 keys to ensure security of valuable items, and come with industry leading warranties. Our larger-sized units enable staff to stock larger quantities of one item or several different items as required, whilst the latest in temperature control technology ensures that they are kept in a temperature-stable environment.


Shop our range of medical grade fridges and freezers, blanket warmers and fluid warmers below. If you have questions regarding your next purchase, please reach out to us at