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Med Lab Refrigeration Systems provides reliable and cost-effective cold storage solutions including refrigerators, freezers, ultra-low freezers and accessories including uninterruptible power supply and temperature monitoring products. Our wide range of laboratory refrigeration allows our customers to store many types of temperature sensitive material from a variety of applications.  


Medical Applications

Our range of purpose-built medical refrigeration products and accessories are made to meet the demands of any hospital or medical centre. We are also proud to offer supply-and-fit-out-solutions for new facilities and existing practices seeking specialised commercial refrigeration equipment. We can support the expansion or start-up of your practice from start to finish.


Retail and Consulting

Be confident that your products are stored to meet the Cold Chain Standards, by selecting one of our market-leading refrigeration systems or monitoring products.  All of our products are manufactured by top-quality brand names and we offer a wide range of systems to suit any retail or consulting environment. 


Clinical Research and Universities

We are proud to offer a custom range of refrigerator and freezer solutions which are built with the highest specifications perfect for clinical research and trials. Our temperature monitoring options will provide you with the peace of mind and the audit requirements for any trial.