7RF-1C Wireless Data Logger with Display

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The T-Tec Wireless Data logger with display is suitable for monitoring the temperature of refrigerators and freezers that store vaccines, pharmaceuticals, laboratory specimens, etc. The logger takes temperature readings from your refrigerator and sends them to a wireless gateway. The gateway can also be connected to a PC or Building Monitoring System (BMS) so that it can be notified in the instance of a power outage. We suggest having a modem with battery back-up for this reason. 

The temperature data can be stored in the cloud and/or a PC. If cloud access is enabled the files can be accessed remotely from other PCs. It is set up to send email or SMS alerts to alert you when the temperature goes out of range. You can add additional loggers so you can monitor multiple refrigerator units in your building.

The screen displays the current temperature as well as alarm situations. Additional loggers can be purchased to monitor multiple units in one building. The special features of this model include high accuracy, extra sturdy, splash and dust proof, 2 Hi/Lo alarms, always listening for signals, large memory, powerful, easy software and Australian made.


Temperature accuracy +/- .2C or better 

Humidity accuracy +/- 2% or better

Time accuracy +/- 1 sec/day

Casing- Polycarbonate

Size- 65 x 31 x 106 mm

Weight 115g

Ambient Temperature -40 + 85C

Battery ½ AA, 3.6V, Battery lifetime 1 year normal use

Sensor- Thermistor precision, Capacitive precision

Memory 50,000 each channel

Logging interval is adjustable 1 second to 6 hours

Interface- Gateway

Signal- 433 MHz

Range- External sensor 350m free air, Internal sensor 100m

Antenna- Internal/external optional

Security- signal encryption and access control

Warranty- 1 year not including sensors


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