Haier Air Purification Sterilizer

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This medical grade air purification sterilizer is truly a remarkable unit, which is high-quality built to HEPA standards and has a bacterial and virus inactivation rate of >99.99%. It features triple disinfection- plasma disinfection, ultra violet + titanium dioxide photocatalyst disinfection and nano-silver ion filtration layer disinfection- together these ensure that bacteria and virus particles are killed at a rate of >99.9% and cover an area of 60m3. It includes a negative ion generator which releases healthy negative ions with a concentration of over 3 million pcs/cm3 to further purify the air, creating an effect that is similar to immersing yourself in a forest.. The unit also features two kind of filters which can reach class 100000 cleanliness after operating for one hour. 


Applicable Volume (m3)≤60

Clean Class100000

Ultraviolet Lamp Life (h)6000

Noise Level dB (A)≤55

Power (W)100

External Dimensions (W*D*H mm)439*229*735

Net Weight 13kg


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