EMT 900 Electronic Min/Max Thermometer

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The T-Tec EMT 900 thermometer is an easy to use and highly accurate electronic thermometer that is suitable for the monitoring of vaccines, pharmaceuticals, blood products, incubators, etc. The large screen shows current temperature, updating every 10 seconds, as well as minimum and maximum since the last reset, all with decimal points. 

The high accuracy makes it possible to calibrate the thermometer to fractions of degrees which is a clear advantage when monitoring temperature-sensitive products.

Master choice buttons at the back are used to set the way the thermometer should operate- Celsius vs Fahrenheit, Internal vs External Sensor, Alarm feature on vs off.


Temperature accuracy -20-50C, +/- .3C or better

Time accuracy +/- 1 sec/day

Internal Sensor Range -5 + 50C

External Sensor Range -50 + 70C

External Sensor Length 2m with bottle

Large Display, showing one decimal

Detachable external sensor

In or Out shows sensor option in use

Bottle on probe for reading stability

Hanging and standing feature

Bell icon on display if alarm is in use

Minimum and Maximum alarm setting

Loud alarm indication, can be muted

Flashing ‘Lo’ or Hi’ if alarm still exists

Size 65 x 97 x 20mm

Weight 88g