VFT-28 Vaccine Fridge Digital Thermometer

$95.00 +GST 

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The VFT-28 Digital Thermometer makes it exceptionally easy to view and record the hi/lo temperature reading from your vaccine fridge or back up cooler. It requires no set up and the high, low and current temperature is always on display.


Dimensions: Height 110mm, Width 98mm, Depth 22mm

High, low and current temperature on display

Display: Top- current temperature, Left- minimum temperature, Right- Max temperature

One button to reset high/low readings

Audible alarm when outside 2-8 degree Celsius range

Alarm has one press deactivation

Two sensors to measure air or vaccine temperature

Designed and manufactured specifically for Australian and New Zealand vaccine fridges

Fold out stand or hang from a hook

Two x AAA batteries included

36 Month Warranty


Download Product Specifications Here